Marketing and Sales Post Covid-19

By Farah Bunni, posted on Friday June 26, 2020

What has been really evident over the past few months is that business sales and operational landscape has changed significantly. However, the one thing that has not changed for a business, is the need to get results! 

With social distancing, it has become more difficult to connect with clients as in-person meetings became virtual leaving no option for business lunches or client appreciation events.  In addition, prospecting new clients has also suffered with cancelled trade shows and restricted travel.  Almost all businesses took a hit during the pandemic, but the opportunity always lies in innovation and in finding ways to adapt quickly.

Redirecting and increasing spend towards emerging opportunities is key to quickly recover revenue.  It is particularly important to tailor business marketing strategy to accelerate digital adoption. Engaging with clients through virtual platforms is crucial in maintaining existing relationships and in prospecting new clients. 

At Allure360, we are excited to be working with our clients on their recovery plans and digital marketing strategy to identify and prioritize revenue streams and to align marketing campaigns to drive sales and remain engaged with clients and target audience through digital platforms.

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