Leveraging Your Overall Marketing Strategy To Attract Potential Employees

By Farah Bunni, posted on Monday October 18, 2021

As business owners, one of the challenges we all commonly face is finding the right people to work for us. We sometimes focus heavily on branding our businesses to our client base and overlook the importance of attracting the right employee candidates.

This ongoing business need highlights the importance of building a strong brand and marketing this brand not only to existing and potential customers but also to market your company as a workplace for potential employees. 

So now that we’ve identified the importance of marketing to potential employees as part of a business overall marketing strategy, let’s talk about who exactly we are targeting.

1. Experienced candidates

These are the employees who will leverage past experiences in carrying out important tasks for your business. They are well acclimated to the environment of your industry and will likely be very efficient in their profession.

2. Candidate feeder institutions (i.e. Universities, Colleges, etc.)

These stakeholders are always looking for organizations to refer their students to. Institutions such as universities and colleges work to develop well-educated students with passion and drive. Depending on your industry, you may opt to take in and mentor a newly graduated student who is a quick learner and will easily adapt to your workplace environment.

3. Prospective candidates in the long term

In your efforts to market your company as a distinguished workplace, you may reach candidates who are currently employed, or completing their final years of education. Although their current circumstances do not allow for them to embody roles in your business in the time being, they may very well be attracted to your enterprise for future opportunities.

Let’s also keep in mind that advertising the call for new employees suggests business growth, development and most importantly success. Demonstrating your company growth will attract new potential customers in addition to professionals working within your industry to consider your company as a workplace for them.

So how do you go about ensuring that your brand is positioned as a distinguished workplace to potential employees?

  • Include your company human resource and hiring initiative as part of your overall marketing and communications strategy.
  • Set certain goals with associated time and budget to meet the ongoing need of attracting talent to your company and continue refining these goals and timelines based on the business needs.
  • Specify your hiring and team building strategy and document your plan to target different groups of potential employees including experienced candidates, new graduates as well as prospective candidates in the long run.
  • Market job opportunities through various mediums optimizing the use of platforms including social media, websites, and job search engines such as LinkedIn and Indeed.  This will help in maximizing your brand exposure and reach a larger pool of audience

At the end of the day, your employees are a direct reflection of your mission, vision and leadership. As you invest in hiring new employees, it is also important to market your organization culture internally to existing employees to increase employee retention and support succession planning at your organization.

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